About us

StockArchitect, founded in 2010, is the leading source of curated social media information on stocks in India. It picks up information shared on social media from leading analysts, brokers, news channels, head honchos and all those who matter.

It organises the information encompassing stock markets from across social media. Using a proprietary yet powerful algorithm, it converts the information in real-time for the investing community providing insights, ideas, information that can be used as investors research stocks and manage their investments. It then displays the "Sentimeter" which is a graphic representation of whether the views expressed overall makes the trend for that stock bullish or bearish.

StockArchitect using its proprietary technology combines with artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing. This helps provide ideas, charts and other important financial data. Investors and all those interested in stocks and the markets can easily follow individual stocks and specific contributors. We also have a tie-up with broking firms to offer instant trading opportunities.

At StockArchitect, we are focused solely on bringing information on investing to the users. Our technology and team are dedicated to weeding out unrelated information and SPAM. Our aim is to ensure we remove all unwanted noise and present only the most valuable and relevant content.

You may share your views about how we can improve the system by writing to us at feedback@stockarchitect.com

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