Trendz, an Artificial Intelligence-based screener which suggests levels at which a stock is strong or weak for ultra short term trades. (Intraday or 2-3 days delivery). Trendz uses a proprietary algorithm based on neural network, machine learning and artificial intelligence. The algorithm takes into consideration various signals such as price, volume, sentiment and decides if a stock is generating a bullish or a bearish signal in the ultra short term. These stocks should not be treated as any form of recommendation but just as a screener that helps you take a decision or prevents you from taking a wrong decision. The list is updated every day automatically at 8 am IST.

Please note:
All levels are cash levels.
Factors taken into consideration are price, volume, market sentiments. The list can be used as a filter to define your trading strategy.
The data gets updated every day Mon-Fri 8:00 AM IST
None of these are recommendations but just as a point of reference.

For detailed disclaimer, please refer to