Insider Trading

Companies are often available at attractive valuations but could be difficult to identify. One sign of what lies in store is when promoters of these companies buy their own stocks from the open market. Similarly, if the promoters are selling stocks and reducing their stakes, it calls for the ringing of warning bells.

Introducing the Insider Trading Tool - This tool gleans through the different filings of promoters with the exchanges and also from different sources to arrive at a structured output for the stocks in which promoters have bought or sold. It displays the trends over the last 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.

Users can click on the name of a stock to get a detailed analysis of the trades that have taken place. Users also have the choice to click on the name of the promoter / investor / company and look at all deals executed by that individual / entity.

The data is updated on a real-time basis, as and when it is submitted to the exchanges.

We also have Stocks on the Radar - This is a list of stocks detected by Artificial Intelligence based algorithm where genuine buying from the promoters is happening.

The information is by no means a recommendation to buy or sell and should not be treated that way. Users are advised to make informed decisions and consult their financial advisors before taking any investment decision. StockArchitect is not responsible for any gains or losses made by the users of the website in any manner.

The Insider Trading Tool is available for a small fee of Rs. 13.7 per day (Rs. 4999 per annum) which is less than what one spends on tea daily. Click below for a free 7-day trial (No credit card needed)

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