F&O Activity

FII activity in cash market segment should not be used as a trading signal because they invest with long term perspective mainly. This data should be used as a helping tool for forming a positional view on the market. For short term trading their future & options activity should be tracked.

The foreign institutional investors (FIIs) activity in the futures & options (F&O) segment is crucial for Indian markets in terms of setting the short-term trend.

Since it has proved decisive during the last few years to predict the undercurrent of the market, Indian traders and investors keenly analyse FII data published by NSE India after the end of trading hours. FIIs can buy or sell an index or stock future according to their views on the market/stock. Also, they can go long or write the index or stock options as per their strategy requirement. NSE provides all the data on their website (historic data too available on the website).

StockArchitect for the convenience of our subscribers has a new tool in which we have crunched all the data.

You can see the participant wise activity in the F&O segment. By clicking on the Client Type, a new page of their activity on different dates will open. All the data mentioned here is in the number of contracts.

For more details please read the post here. http://blog.stockarchitect.com/2017/06/23/a-new-feature-on-stockarchitect-fo-activity/#more-2818

Please note:

  • This data may be used to make any system on doing some back-testing. However, this data is not suggestive of any trades; and should only be used as a supporting tool with your existing trading methods.
  • The data is by no means, a recommendation to buy or sell and should not be treated that way.
  • Users are advised to take informed decisions and consult their financial advisors before taking any investment decision.
  • StockArchitect is not responsible for any gains or losses made by the users of the website in any manner.
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